The Royal Wedding countdown: 3 days

So what do you think the Royal couple will be wearing on the big day… well you can decide for yourself.  On day 3 of the Royal countdown I bring you the ‘Royal Wedding William and Kate – A dress up dolly book.  Illustrated by Duncan Smith. The book has been well received as the the quote from the ‘Telegraph’ says…

‘Possibly the only royal wedding souvenir publication worth buying, the William and Kate Dress-up Dolly Book (£5.99,, will keep children amused as they cut out the underwear-clad royal couple and subject them to outfits appropriate to their social calendar.’ What more could you ask!

I’ll let Duncan tell you more…

A fun job to do, a Royal Wedding Paper doll Dress up book. Art directed by Kirstie Billingham at Penguin Books. A very, very tight deadline, and a lot of late nights, I did a ton of sketches of the couple to get the resemblance right. Then, I spent a lot of time  trying to work out what kind of wedding dress Kate would wear and ended up doing dozens of different ideas until I came up with the final version. 
Will was easy as we knew he’d be wearing the military outfit. Kirstie sent  me lots of reference for the other clothes, So the only questions  I  had to ask was,what kind of pants does Will wear?  Boxers / briefs /hipsters / slips, or maybe, commando?  ( no, that’s the wrong branch of the  military, he’s in the air force ! )  Should he have a die hard t-shirt or a M&S v- neck? You can see more sketches on my Behance site:



2 responses to “The Royal Wedding countdown: 3 days

  1. Love it – especially the Union Jack underpants. Is drawing them an Act of Treason?

  2. Off with his head!!! ; ) No sniggering at the back there!

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