Thomas Allen – book art

“Thomas Allen, in essence, is a still life artist who through a very creative process disrupts the stillness. By carefully selecting from primarily vintage paperback novels and science journals, he brings two-dimensional images forward into three dimensional space. With simple lightning and the use of simple tools (i.e., scissors and razor-sharp knives), figures are cut out, bent and juxtapose in ways that present the tension and dynamics of staged drama. Other techniques are applied in achieving a pure sense of humor that also defy the original use of these materials and their ultimate destiny of being read once and retiring for eternity on the nearest bookshelf.

Thomas Allen has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University in Detroit. He has been awarded fellowships from the Minnesota State Arts Board as well as the McKnight Foundation. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout the Midwest including the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, Minnesota, the Tweed Museum of Art in Duluth, Minnesota as well as numerous college and university venues. His work is incuded in several private collections including Target Corporation.”


s ee more of Thomas Allens work and more


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