Just My Type

In Just My Type: A Book About Fonts, author Simon Garfield takes readers on a tour through all things typographic. The book, which received a rave this week from The New York Times, traces the development of typography through historic figures like Johannes Gutenberg, John Baskerville, Eric Gill and Jan Tschichold, while considering topics like legibility versus readability, the importance of typeface choice in political campaigns, the advent of digital type and corresponding explosion of new fonts, and what your favorite font says about you. (In the book, Garfield takes Pentagram‘s
own “What Type Are You?” test. He is Archer Hairline.)

Just My Type from Pentagram on Vimeo.

The US version will have a forward by book designer Chip Kidd and is releasd on September 1. The trailer was created by Naresh Ramchandani of Pentagram London and Michael Bierut of the firm’s New York office

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My Typeface is Architype Van Doesburg

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