Rob Ryan + Victorinox

Victorinox, the company behind the famous Swiss Army Knife, recently teamed up with UK artist Rob Ryan for a campaign to promote the launch of their new pocket-sized model, the Tomo…

It’s the first time that Victorinox has reinterpreted the classic Swiss design and the new Tomo is the work of Kazuma Yamaguchi of Tokyo studio, Abitax. ‘Tomo’ means ‘companion’ or ‘friend’ in Japanese. The studio also conceived the Tomo packaging, which uses recycled pulp to enclose the fold-up knife (see here on the Abitax site).

More of Rob Ryan’s work is at and his A1 artwork created for Modern Art Cutting will be on display in Victorinox’s London flagship store on New Bond Street.  The new Tomo is available at £17.99.

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  1. Fabaroo,Tickity, Boo!

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