Covers by me




Little Brown – Illustration/design and branding

Counterpoint U.S


Little Brown

Little Brown

Little Brown – concepts

Alama Books

Harper Perennial

Concept: Fahrenheit 451/ Photography and design

Cover for Quercus/ illustration of main girl/ small illus duncansmithstudio

Visuals for Hodder Education/illustration/design

Visuals for Orion: Photo montage/ illustration / Mr Retro filters

Of Mice and Men: Lino printing / illustration / typography

The Big Small Book: Screen Printing/Photoshop

Modern Classics: Art direction/ Branding/ Design/ Illustration by duncansmithstudio

Animal Farm: Illustration/ Design

The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne: HarperCollins
Design/ Photomontage

Invisible Fiends Series: HarperCollins
Design/ Branding/ Art Direction/ Illustration by Jonny Duddle

The Slippery Year: Orion

Steve Tyler: HarperCollins
Design/ Typography/


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